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Kamini D. Patel, CPA

Kamini Patel, CPA - Delaware Accountant

DIRECTOR/CHAIR – Corporate Services


Meet Kamini
Thinker | Responsive | Global | Traditionalist

We know she would never boast, but we hear that Kamini’s commendations for response time are part
of her claim to fame among our clients. We really like that about her too.

And whether she’s designing a payroll system for an international corporate services client or educating
someone on the nuance of financial management as an investment holding company, she’s quickly building
a bridge between her holding company work and the tax strategy. That’s because she’s been doing that for
25 years, looking at the relationship between financial decisions and tax strategy and getting our clients
quick answers.

Yet, there’s so much more in her portfolio of experience. Securely and thoroughly defining the nexus of
each client’s situation is at the heart of her strategic advice to clients; Kamini has become increasingly
involved with financial matters for our complex international clients’ operating entities in Delaware.
Providing insight, direction and high-value guidance to our global corporate services clients, Kamini is
a member of the firm’s Foreign Entity Section.

Perspectives from Kamini

“Making the connections for global entities and their Delaware office means looking at everything on
the business’s agenda, from preparing for Board meetings to creating tax strategies and efficient payroll

“I like to build the bridge between my holding company work and tax strategy. Without this, a client may
miss an opportunity for growth and expansion, and that simply can’t happen.”

Professional Snapshot

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Delaware Society of Certified Public Accountants

Wilmington Tax Group

Gujarat University in India – Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting


Contact Kamini

302.573.3948 or

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