“We’re the oldest and the largest accounting firm based in Delaware and it’s not likely that a client comes from an industry in which we haven’t worked. This gives me access to a huge brain trust of specialized solutions for our clients.” 


– Jeffrey A. Elwell, CPA, Director


Every industry has its specific trends, risks and regulations that must be understood and dealt with appropriately. You need an accounting firm that not only is familiar with your industry, but is also willing to listen to your goals. That’s BLS. We work with you to provide solid financial advice and service best suited for your business.


Privately Held Businesses   
Nonprofit Organizations     
Aviation Community Centers
Automobile Dealerships Higher Education
 Construction HUD Audits
 Dental Practices Long-Term Care Facilities
 Equine Membership Organizations
 Family Offices Private/Independent Schools
 Financial Services Firms Religious Organizations
 Franchises Retirement Housing
 Funeral Homes Voluntary Health and Welfare Organizations
 Holding Companies
 IT Consulting
 Governmental Agencies & Authorities
 Insurance Agencies State Agencies
 Law Firms Local Governments (Counties, Municipalities)
 Manufacturing School Districts (Pennsylvania & Delaware)
 Medical Practices Low Income Housing Sector
 Real Estate Services Municipal and Special Purpose Authorities
 Restaurants Water Utilities
 Software Development
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
 Veterinary Services  401(k) Plans
 Wholesalers  Profit Sharing Plans
 403(b) Plans
Individuals, Estates & Trusts
 Defined Benefit Plans
Corporate Executives  Defined Contribution Plans
High Net Worth Individuals  Welfare & Annuity Plans