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Month: August 2018

Business Meals and Entertainment—Is there still a deduction available after TCJA ?

August 30, 2018

Meals and Entertainment has a long history as targets for perceived (or not) abuse by businesses and taxpayers  which in turn brought scrutiny from the IRS. 

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Cybersecurity and Ransomware in County and Municipal Government

August 23, 2018

The City of Atlanta has gotten a great deal of unwanted publicity since it fell victim to a ransomware attack in March 2018.

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Substantiation and Reporting Requirements for Cash and Noncash Charitable Contribution Deductions

August 22, 2018

Final regulations have been released providing guidance concerning substantiation and reporting requirements for cash and noncash charitable contributions.

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Unclaimed IRAs are taxable???

August 15, 2018

Last summer I wrote a blog entitled, “So You Are Changing Jobs, Are You Forgetting Something?

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