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License Renewal Reminder!

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Delaware License Renewal - Delaware CPA FirmDELAWARE RENEWAL OF BUSINESS LICENSES.

The Delaware Division of Revenue (DOR) is reminding businesses that Delaware business licenses expire at the end of December and must be renewed by December 31, 2014. The DOR notes that it is easiest to renew licenses online at, as it allows taxpayers to print a temporary license directly from their computer which substitutes as a valid license until a permanent license is received in the mail. A temporary license is critical for businesses that require proof of a current license, such as contractors and businesses that receive government payments. Businesses will need their tax ID number and business license number to complete the online renewal, which can be found on the annual license renewal notice mailed to businesses beginning mid-November 2014. Any business renewing a license for 2015 may also elect a 3-year business license, which will remain valid through December 2017 (renewal notices will not be sent for license years 2016 or 2017). Businesses will receive one license, valid through 2017, for all three years. (2014 Business Licenses Expire December 31, Delaware Div. of Rev.,11/24/2014.)

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