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Ugh… Not You Again! – Rethinking Your Relationship with Auditors

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Nonprofit Audit Relationship - Delaware CPA FirmOnce a year, a group of awkward auditors sets up camp in your conference room, robbing you and your coworkers of your usual lunch spot to create what looks more like an obstacle course than an office space with our tapestry of wires and clunky equipment. If that’s not intrusive enough, we then insist that you take time out of your day to assist us with seemingly menial tasks and provide insight on policies and procedures that you’re not sure why they exist in the first place. We get it – auditors don’t often invoke excitement in the workplace, but perhaps we could change that notion by offering clarity as to how we can help you, not just the organization you work for.

Nonprofit Audits

  • Part of our job as auditors entails searching for ways in which the processes are lacking and offer recommendations to provide greater internal control and efficiency. One of the best ways to gain an understanding of these measures is by observing how the processes are implemented by people such as yourself. If you feel there are changes that could be made to the current system to provide such benefits and in turn, make your life a little easier, this is a great opportunity to discuss them. In doing so, we’re able to view your role from a more personal standpoint and act as an advocate on your behalf.
  • Perhaps you have concerns about management’s integrity or suspect fraudulent activity in the workplace. While this isn’t a pleasant scenario for anyone, this is the time to discuss such matters in a confidential and independent environment, while remaining anonymous. Better yet, let us take you to lunch!
  • Do you know how your role effects the financial statements or fiscal wellbeing of the organization as a whole? Let us explain the ways in which your responsibilities impact the financial statements and how our testing is essential for the reports we issue.
  • We are fortunate enough to have cultivated a large client base and thus, can offer a wealth of knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t based on our experience and observation. Whether it be about accounting software modules, grant submissions, fundraising efforts or payroll reconciliations, we’re here to offer support in any way possible. Have questions? Just ask!

As accountants, few things are more exciting to us than a well-crafted Excel spreadsheet that refreshes without messing up our formulas; but as auditors of not-for-profit organizations, nothing is more rewarding than helping our clients achieve their objectives, reach their goals, and satisfy their missions.

Let us serve you the way that you serve our community!

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