There are many situations in the practice of law where the need for financial expertise arises. While attorneys are proficient with the practice of law, it’s often necessary to bring in an outside financial professional to help clarify the numbers and bring focus to a case. Obtaining expert analysis from an independent financial professional can push matters forward towards a favorable resolution.

Belfint, Lyons & Shuman has significant experience providing business valuations and calculations, litigation support and forensic accounting services. Our team has worked with attorneys throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania to serve various client needs from succession planning, shareholder buy-in, to contract disputes and divorce. Beyond this, we have provided expert witness testimony and assisted with division of marital asset calculations.

Our Services
  • Business Valuations – We work with individuals, companies and others to identify the value of a business for shareholder contract disputes, divorce proceedings, buy-sell agreements, estate and gift tax planning and succession planning purposes.
  • Division of Marital Asset Calculations – Divorce can be a difficult process for those involved, and it can become worse when there is no agreement on how to divide marital assets. Our team will conduct a thorough and unbiased calculation of the division of assets based on case specifics.
  • Litigation Support – Professionalism and attention to detail matter when financial situations are resolved through litigation. Our firm’s history along with our depth and breadth of experience will help reduce the complexity of cases involving intricate. accounting, tax and financial matters down to efficient preparation of testimony
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