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– Kathryn S. Schultz, CPA, Director


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In today’s global marketplace, many of our clients conduct business across geographic and cultural boundaries. There are many accounting questions that occur when involved with a foreign entity. Our staff pays careful attention to each situation and provides expert assistance to US citizens working abroad or investing in foreign entities. Just being located in Delaware gives our firm a unique advantage – The Delaware Advantage – to specialize in consulting foreign companies using Delaware as a gateway into the US market (foreign direct investment). As countries enact cooperative programs to shift toward global tax transparency, we keep our clients ahead of the evolving reporting requirements.

To better serve our clients, BLS is an independent member firm of PrimeGlobal. PrimeGlobal is the third largest association of independent accounting firms in the world, comprised of over 350 highly successful independent accounting firms in 90 countries. Formed from a merger in 2011, PrimeGlobal provides its independent member firms with tools and resources to help them furnish superior accounting, auditing, tax and management services to clients around the globe. Through PrimeGlobal, independent member firms offer the strength and capabilities of a large, worldwide organization with technical depth and geographic reach impossible for a local firm alone.

Our International Services Include


Taxation and IRS Reporting Services
  • US tax planning and compliance of foreign-owned US businesses and
    businesses operating abroad
  • Federal, state and local income tax issues
  • Sales tax consulting & compliance
  • International tax withholding analysis
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) applications
  • Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) applications
  • Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FinCEN Form 114/FBAR)
  • Streamlined Domestic Offshore (OVDP)/Onshore
  • FATCA Compliance
  • Statement of Foreign Financial Assets (Form 8938)
  • Certification of U.S. tax residency (Form 6166
  • Expatriate taxation
    • U.S. citizens working/living abroad
    • Foreign citizens working/living in the U.S.
    • U.S. expatriation
Consulting Services
  • Choice of entity
  • Changes in ownership/entity structure
  • Treaty-based positions
  • Cross-border Social Security (totalization) agreements
  • Nexus consulting
  • Transaction structuring
  • Pre-immigration/emigration tax planning
  • Accounting software selection
Accounting and Other Services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Financial statement reporting
  • Virtual office rental and mail forwarding
  • Registered agent
  • Apostille Services
  • Align you with contacts that assist with foreign tax returns,
    US bank accounts, legal services and transfer pricing


Contact Our International Services Professionals

Looking for assistance in international services? For additional information on our international services, please contact Kathy Schultz, CPA, at 302.225.0600 or click here to email Kathy. In a brief consultation she can assess your situation and determine the best way to proceed.

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