Why Belfint?

Learning & Career Path

Refine your professional skills and grow through experience.

BLS focuses on our employees and is always looking for ways to strengthen our team through positive mentoring and a clear career path. We redesigned our learning paths for each staff level to include CPE programs that enhance foundational development, leadership, and defined career paths. These learning paths integrate with a personal coaching program where BLS Managers and above are invited to work with an outside business coach to talk about professional development, individual areas of improvement, client service, and business development. Those that have been involved in our coaching program speak highly of their personal growth and the confidence they have developed towards marketing on a local, regional, and national scale – all of which has translated and will continue to translate into happy team members, increased firm exposure, and attraction of new clients.

Learning & Career Path Elements Include:

Many BLS family members started their career with a BLS Summer Internship and have advanced throughout the firm! You could be next!

What to Expect

  • Duration – 8-week/40-hour schedule combining formal learning with real world experiences
  • Acquire familiarity with firm processes while learning advanced accounting software programs.
  • Develop and apply learned skills through a variety of activities in all departments of the firm, not just one department. It’s the rotational development concept that makes us different from the others.
  • Engage and learn to perform work assignments as a first-year staff member and an active part of the BLS team.
  • Contribute to real client work, not an internship of scanning.
  • Network with accomplished professionals in the public accounting field.


Do you know exactly which practice area you want to dedicate your career in public accounting – Tax, Audit, Consulting? How do you know if you have not had the experience, right? All Staff Accountants that join the BLS family go through our Rotational Development Program which gives exposure to all areas of our firm. Once you have gained this varied experience, THAT is when you can make an educated choice about the direction of your public accounting career.

Recognizing the importance of personal and professional development opportunities, the firm implemented a structured staff development program that provides a requisite number of continuing education credit hours in the areas of accounting, auditing, tax, and other professional topics.

  • In-house CPE
  • Individual learning paths
  • Live presentations
  • Webinars
  • Staff level training
  • Conference attendance

Sometimes, there is no better training than basic shadowing. We give our staff the opportunity to shadow more senior team members throughout their career. Not only does it help build knowledge, but it also helps build peer relationships.

BLS has two promotion cycles throughout the year. These correspond with our review cycle where you and your advisor will have a one-on-one conversation about performance and goals. However, communication occurs throughout the entire year, so there are no surprises to be had. We know that Succession Planning is key in the public accounting industry, and it is our plan to groom our younger staff to rise through the ranks to eventually succeed the shareholders.

Many BLS team members are part of our practice groups or teams because becoming expert in a niche area goes a long way towards individual and business growth. New staff members are encouraged to participate in our nonprofit, for-profit, employee benefit plan, estate planning, valuation, and international practice groups. Staff who are interested in a service line or industry outside of our current practice groups are encouraged to follow their passion and present their ideas. BLS team members can contribute and make a difference at any level. Innovative and creative thinkers are the building blocks of an entrepreneurial spirit, and that spirit is what will continue to sustain BLS.

BLS is committed to building long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and business associates. Since 1923, BLS’s team of professionals has taken the time to learn and understand our clients’ business and financial matters. Our team members are invited to participate in client meetings and assist with client communication. This has been very attractive to our team because they can see the benefit of the services we provide, first hand.

An emphasis on training is promoted, even when it comes to non-technical training that all CPAs complete to keep their licenses current. BLS provides the time and money to keep its staff licensed and expert. Tuition assistance for special certifications or advanced degrees is provided to encourage employees to grow themselves, which ultimately translates into growth for the firm. Below is just a sampling of the ways the firm incorporates soft skills or non-technical training.

  • AICPA ENGAGE and EDGE Experience
  • Firm Wide Trainings and Meetings
  • Motivational Conferences and Seminars
  • Personalized Coaching Program

Directors and/or Principals of the firm serve as advisors for BLS team members. Advisors serve to counsel employees, foster staff development, communicate firm policies and conduct performance evaluations. Employees are encouraged to communicate personal and professional goals or concerns with their advisor or supervisor on an ongoing basis.

Upon promotion to Manager, BLS team members are invited to participate in our unique Coaching Program. This program is tailored to help our leaders grow their career, increase client satisfaction, learn leadership techniques, and refine their communication style. Everyone that participates in this program receives one-on-one, individual coaching with a professional executive coach.

Career Path Timeline

Your career is just that, yours. So you will need to take a personal responsibility for managing it. If you do, we will provide the support and encouragement you need to succeed. At BLS, we ensure you have a clear career path plan, so you know exactly what decisions you need to make and how to build the career that is right for you. Below is an example of what your career path could look like.


Stephanie Chapman CPA - Delaware CPA Firm

The coaching program is one of the best benefits offered by BLS. The fact that we get a coach is one thing, but the fact that management’s culture is to recognize the benefit (that both the firm and the employees receive) from having empowered and focused employees is another.”

Stephanie Chapman, CPA
LS CPAs Earns Top Workplace Honor for 13th Year
BLS CPAs Ranked as a 2021 Top 300 Firm by INSIDE Public Accounting

Career Opportunities

Here at BLS, we like to say our firm is where ambition meets opportunity! Find out why we have been named a Top Workplace multiple years in a row and why it is so exciting to be a part of the BLS Family.