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BLS Nonprofit Director Shares Insights in Delaware Banker

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The Financial Professional’s Role on a Nonprofit Board by Jonathan D. Moll, CPA – Director of Nonprofit Services – was published in the Accounting for Success Column of the Winter 2022 issue of Delaware Banker (Delaware Bankers Association)


Financial acumen is the hot commodity sought after by governing boards of nonprofit organizations (NPO). If you are a financial professional working in Delaware, there is a good chance you have been approached by a leader of a local NPO to volunteer your time for a worthy cause. If you accept that invitation, your transition into the treasurer’s role usually begins immediately. All community leaders with a business background have a skill set that positively contributes to governing an NPO. However, the unique environment that NPOs operate in requires a few areas of specialized knowledge. Based on my experience as a board member, and from working directly with NPO boards in a professional capacity, treasurers should strive to become well-versed in the following five areas:

  • Managing Liquidity
  • Complying with Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Complying with Tax Reporting Requirements
  • Managing Risk
  • The Board Interpreter

Read the full article here in Delaware Banker: The Financial Professional’s Role on a Nonprofit Board

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Jonathan Moll, CPA

Director/Executive Director of Strategy
Accounting & Auditing

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