Is Your Firm Compliant? Attorney’s Other Year End Compliance Requirement

As we begin the New Year, our natural focus is on tax compliance and financial statement reporting. For attorneys, your focus is also on annual registration statement and certificate of compliance reporting.  As an attorney, you may encounter the stress and uncertainty of signing off on your firm’s compliance with Rule 1.15 and 1.5(f) of the Delaware Lawyer’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Whether you are the managing partner or the solo practitioner of a law firm, the responsibility falls back onto you (and your license) to certify that your practice is in compliance with Delaware Lawyer’s Rules of Professional Conduct.   This can be a heavy burden. You may be consumed with the practice of law and providing quality service to your clients, not the administrative and accounting duties.

If only there was a solution to feel more confident in signing off on your firm’s compliance. There is! Belfint, Lyons & Shuman, P.A. (BLS) assists attorney’s by conducting pre-certification services allowing  comfort to those responsible for certifying their firm’s Annual Certificate of Compliance with the Delaware Supreme Court. Our services are delivered through the performance of the suggested Audit Program by the Delaware Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection (click here to see the program).

Why should you choose BLS to perform these services? We have an experienced team that actively engages in over 15 annual compliance certifications. Our clients think of us as a second set of eyes on their financial records providing comfort when evaluating their compliance. In addition, we regularly attend CLE presentations on compliance topics when offered to help differentiate our knowledge on the compliance requirements and issues from our peers. We also have familiarity with your financial and trust accounting software, including QuickBooks, TABS3, and Elite. Our professionals can navigate these platforms to provide valuable feedback and suggestions utilizing your software.

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