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Delaware Unemployment Rate Alert

February 5, 2021

Continue to read if your organization is subject to Delaware Unemployment Insurance Contribution and Reporting Requirements.


BLS has become aware that the Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) has experienced an issue with their reporting system. Due to this issue, employers may have been erroneously assessed a $100 late fee and may have also had their unemployment insurance tax rate increased to the delinquent rate of 6.5% from their previously lower 2020 experience rating.

It is our understanding that the DOL is aware of these errors and are in the process of correcting these issues. These errors could affect many employer accounts, so we suggest that you review the notification of assessment rate for 2021 received from the DOL carefully to determine if your account has been affected.

If you believe your organization has been impacted by this issue, email the Department of Labor Tax Unit to alert them of your findings at

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