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Expert Witness Testimony

Whether you are dealing with a business dispute, fraud case or personal trial, having accurate, defendable evidence is crucial. Preparing an expert witness for trial or evaluating opposing council evidence and testimony is an essential part of the process. Our professionals can serve as an independent financial expert witness, help you prepare witnesses to accurately represent the facts for your team, or prepare cross-examination and evaluate testimony of the opposing team.

At BLS, we help attorneys, businesses, and individuals make a strong case by assisting with pre-trial preparation of financial details, including acting as expert witnesses ourselves with the goal of helping clients avoid lengthy trials and lessening litigation expenses.

Our Expert Witness Testimony Services Include:

  • Serve as expert witness in trial, arbitration, and mediation settings
  • Pre-trial preparation
  • Organization of witness testimony in a credible, comprehensive manner
  • Evaluation of opposing council witness statements and financial documents
  • Assist with preparation of cross-examination questions

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