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Multi-State and Local Tax (SALT)

It’s common practice for growing businesses to start expanding into other markets, engaging customers, contracting with vendors, and even hiring employees in other states. However, practically every business decision has a tax consequence, and conducting business across state lines is a prime example. Tax laws vary widely from state to state and often lack clarity, which makes keeping up with multiple requirements and liabilities a significant challenge. In addition, state authorities have become more aggressive in their pursuit of tax compliance.

That’s why BLS offers multi-state tax services to help our clients with multiple locations or out-of-state interests navigate the confusion and complexity and remain or become compliant with all state laws, reporting requirements, and regulations. Our professionals will work to understand your business activities and goals and then develop a multi-state tax approach to maximize savings and minimize liability.

Our Multi-State Tax Services Include:

  • Year-round state and local tax planning
  • Preparation of federal, state, and local tax returns and information returns
  • Multi-state taxation analyses
  • Sales and use tax reviews
  • Franchise and income tax assessment
  • Assistance with nexus determination and other local and state tax issues
  • Voluntary disclosures and tax amnesties
  • Representation for state tax audits

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