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Nonprofit Succession Planning

The only constant in life is change. This applies to both our personal and professional lives. While some people can handle personal change easily, it can become more difficult with organizational change. Ensuring there is a clear set of steps to guide the organization through a change in leadership is essential to maintaining focus and direction. Unfortunately, because nonprofit leadership has many activities to address, succession planning tends to fall low on the list of priorities.

The value of developing a clear, structured, and comprehensive succession plan that creates a path for the Executive Director position and members of the Board of Directors is clear. Consider:

  • What would happen to the organization if key members of leadership were suddenly required to leave?
  • How would the organization survive?
  • What would be the replacement process?

These are some of the key questions that a succession plan answers IN ADVANCE of such a situation.

The professionals at BLS have significant experience working with nonprofit organizations in guiding the succession planning process. We offer a one-day on-site planning session to help guide leadership through the process, engage in fruitful discussion, and set needed direction.

Our Nonprofit Succession Planning Services Address:

  • Tools, considerations, documentation, new candidate criteria for:
    • Succession at the Board level
    • Succession at the Executive Director level
    • Succession at the CFO level
  • Who is responsible for succession management
  • What transitions should be planned
  • Three phases of succession planning:
    • Planning & Evaluation
    • Search & Selection
    • Role Assumption & Support
  • Succession timeline
  • Executing planned and unplanned transitions

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