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Creating a trust in the State of Delaware offers significant benefits, click here to learn more.

IT’S FOREVER There is no rule against perpetuity. Delaware allows Dynasty Trusts for personal property which can allow wealth to be transferred to multiple generations free of transfer taxes.

IT’S ECONOMICAL There is no Delaware tax on accumulated income and capital gains in an irrevocable trust for non-resident beneficiaries.

IT’S BALANCED A Delaware Total Return Unitrust aligns the interest of the income and remainder beneficiaries allowing the trustee to manage assets for both income and appreciation (total return). Distributions to current income beneficiaries range from 3% – 5% of the trust assets and capital gain taxes can be paid by the Trust or the current beneficiary.

IT’S YOUR CHOICE With a directed trustee, grantors can designate a third party to direct the investment decisions for the trust and provide limited liability for the directed trustee. Delaware trusts allow for the use of a Protector, which can provide additional power to change the trust’s administration and give direction to the directed trustee.

IT’S SAFE A Delaware Asset Protection Trust can protect your assets from creditors while allowing income and principal distributions. The spendthrift provisions and assets held in Delaware banks provide maximum protection without the need to go “offshore.”

IT’S FRIENDLY Delaware Court of Chancery is a leader in trust and corporate law and settles disputes quickly and fairly. Trusts do not need to be registered with the courts, which maintains confidentiality. Also, Delaware allows non-disclosure of beneficiaries.

IT’S EASY Decanting allows a trustee to move a trust’s assets to Delaware and modify some provisions without judicial reformation.

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